With all the plastic and chemic used in manufacturing of dog products, allergies in dogs are on the rise. That is why Pintu made it its mission to only create products that eliminate any harmful materials. Nature offers us such a large variety of amazing materials which were created by mother earth to be discovered and used.

  • Leather

  • Chains

  • Metalware

  • Wool

  • Fabrics

  • Stone

Cattle skin leather which 100% vegetable tanned using herbal tans and has International Gold Rated Certificate.

We work exclusively with naturally tanned leather.

Wooden beads, biodegradable, organic cotton and natural rubber elastic cord.

All our products use Sand Casted Brass metalware. Sand Casted Brass is not only extremely strong but also resistant against rust and corrosion.

100% Sheep Wool.

The traditional Majorcan fabric, known locally as “Telas de Lenguas” (fabric of flames) is distinguished for its artisan method of hand woven fabrics and its unique patterns. The method of production makes the fabric so more robust compared to machine woven fabrics. The fabrics offers the products to have the highest quality.

Arctic White is a marble stone available in shades ranging from snowy white to glacier grey. Nordic Grey is a robust and compact limestone in shades of medium grey to black.
Any variations in shape and color are intentional and add to the unique charm.


Why we don't use vegan leather?

We decided not to pursue the use of vegan leather out of multiple reasons. 

Fist of all, as long as the meat consumption is taking place, leather will always exist and be a by-product. Therefore not making it environmentally unfriendly. Its is vital though to know wherefrom the cows come from and how they are taken care of.

Second, the production of vegan or synthetic leather usually requires a lot of water for production and at the same time a lot of chemicals to produce, which then pollutes the water. 

Lastly, most often the leather substitutes have a large percentage of plastic components included and only a minimal of natural fibres. Resulting for them to have a rather short life-span, but also making them most often not fully biodegradable. 

This is why PINTU decided to work with vegetable tanned leather as it is the best approach to respect the environment.

Why Vegetable Tanning and not chrome tanning?

FACT: Vegetable tanning until now only accounts for 15% of the global leather production.

Due to the high amounts of chemicals used in chrome leather it tends to neither wear well nor last very long and can crack after a few months of use. Vegetable leather on the other hand doesn’t crack or dry out and therefore has a very long lifespan. Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, and actually gets better with time and use.

Vegetable leather requires specific skills to produce. Vegetable tanned leather takes up to two months to develop in a process that is mainly done by hand. It requires skilled craftsmen, patience and care, the tanning process uses no harmful chemicals. Unlike its chrome tanned counterpart which is cheap, quick and mass produced, typically requiring little skill and can be easily automated and achieved in one single day.

Lastly, chrome tanned leather is leather produced using a solution of chemicals, acids and salts to dye the hide. Chrome, like any heavy metal, is extremely toxic and environmentally damaging, thus creating wastewater leftovers that are very toxic and have a detrimental environmental impact, (especially in the third world). Vegetable tanned leather, using only natural tannins and has no negative environmental impact.

Why makes our Dulces Sueños Dog Beds so unique?

Our Ducles Sueños Dog Bed Series use fabrics from Mallorca, crafted with the traditional hand woven ancient artisan method. Their quality is one of the highest available on the market. From start to finish zero plastic, even the dog bed filling is 100% cotton filling instead of with the commonly used polyester filling.


Biodegradable & Composable

When exposed to air, microbes, light, and moisture, it breaks down into natural elements found in nature. No toxicity is left in the soil when disintegrating into natural elements in specific environments.

Organic Cotton

All our textile packaging items are made out of organic cotton.

Soy-Based Ink

A plant-based ink derived from soybeans.

Acid Free Paper

Is paper that, if infused in water, yields a neutral or basic pH.

Certified Wood

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified - indicating the materials used in production are recyclable and sustainably sourced.

Grass Paper Postage Boxes

The combination of grass and recycled fibre offers you an innovative product in terms of ecology and significant energy and water savings during manufacturing process. They can be easily disposed of in waste paper and protect wood resources, as they are made from grass cuttings from agricultural compensation areas.

During production, up to 75% CO2 can be saved.



For every sent postage box, one tree is donated and planted in our name to compensate the CO2 emission of the shipment.