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Studio 54 Chain

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Jewellery made specifically for your loved one!

Not just humans deserve some new jewellery every now and then.

Our handmade Pintu Chains are the perfect add-on. Either in combination with a collar or harness or just simply the chain itself.

Our Studio 54 Chain consist of fresh water pearls combined with glass beads and metal beads.

Please be aware that every chain is unique. The mushroom colours vary from chain to chain, as well as the fruits. Every Chain is unique and an one-off.  In case you do or do not wish for a specific colour in your chain please leave us a message in the note section at checkout. 


Fresh water pearls, glass & metal beads and an organic cotton with natural rubber elastic cord.


The Chains are ideally cleaned with a slightly moist towel.


Handcrafted in Austria.


Packaging Items

Innovative usage of sustainable packaging products.

Material Sourcing

Our products are free of any harmful chemicals or plastics.


For every send postage box, one tree is being planted.

Local Fabrication

Ensuring that the origin of our materials is adequate.