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Escondida Dog Sleeping Bag

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Our Escondida Sleeping bag is the perfect cuddle cave, blanket and on the go bed. It has the ideal size for small to medium sized dogs. The soft fabric used to make it is the ideal cozy accessories for one on the go as it can easily be folded to a smaller size for storage. The handcrafted sleeping bag also includes the function to be able to be turned over so one can choose which type of fabric one wants outside or inside. The one side is 100% organic cotton teddy (perfect for the colder times of the year) and the other side is a mixture of hand woven linen and cotton (perfect for the warmer days). 

The linen and cotton fabric are hand woven in a small factory in Mallorca by the tradiotional artisanal method. They offer a quality which can't be compared by the machine woven fabrics. Due to their artisan method of hand woven production they offer the highest durability. Further details about the fabrics can be found on about our process.


72cm x 52cm


50% Organic Cotton & 50% Organic Linen


Machine-washable, recommended no more than 30°. Not suited for the dryer.


Handcrafted in Mallorca.


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