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Leash Lumas Adjustable - Grey

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Color — Grey/Brown

Our Adjustable Lumas Leash is three times changeable to ones desired length. With its cross-body function you can walk your loved one while having your hands free.

The entire product is handcrafted and not only stylish but also comfortable.The sizes of the Leash only vary in wideness and metalware size, the overall length stays the same. Please be aware that the leather softens with age.



Leather: cattle skin leather which 100% vegetable tanned using herbal tans and has International Gold Rated Certificate

Stitching: 100% bees waxed thread

Metalware: Sand Casted Brass

Please be aware the colors may vary due to the environmentally friendly dye as well as the size.


The Leashes are ideally cleaned with a slightly moist towel. For additional care you can also treat the leather with a natural leather fat treatment.

Water & sunlight may influence the colors over time.


Handcrafted in Turkey.


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