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Pintu Wool Toy

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Our Pintu Wool Toys are the perfect natural toy for your dog. Made out of Mallorquín 100% sheep wool. So even your dog eats any of the parts, nothing can happen.

On the island of Mallorca the wool is a kind of waste product because there is too much wool of the island. The wonderful organisation Llanatura has been founded to find ways of reusing the wool in creative and innovative ways. Together with Llanatura we created our Pintu dog toys. 


100% Sheep Wool.


Handcrafted in Mallorca.


Packaging Items

Innovative usage of sustainable packaging products.

Material Sourcing

Our products are free of any harmful chemicals or plastics.


For every send postage box, one tree is being planted.

Local Fabrication

Ensuring that the origin of our materials is adequate.